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    I am having a problem with my dropdown list keeping its values after a postback. I have viewstate set to true on the control and on the initial page load I supply the initial values.<BR><BR>when I view the page source I do not see much data in the hidden viewstate control.<BR><BR>Any suggestions, <BR><BR>If Page.IsPostBack = False Then<BR> Dim country As project.DB = New project.DB()<BR> Me.cboCountry.DataSource = country.GetCountries<BR> Me.cboCountry.DataBind()<BR> cboCountry.Items.Insert(0, New ListItem("-SELECT A COUNTRY-", 0))<BR> cboCountry.SelectedIndex = 0<BR><BR> End If

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    1. What does your EnableViewState property at the page level says?<BR>2. Run the application in debug mode and after binding data to your dropdown check for the item count etc. in the immediate window.<BR><BR>HTH

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