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    Default This is driving me crazy

    Hello all,<BR><BR>I have created a guestbook database and an asp page for adding records to it.<BR><BR>When I enter data via the asp page a new record is created in the database, however all of the fields except autonumber are blank.<BR><BR>The IUSR_ account on my test server has read and write permission on the database file. I am running IIS 5.0 and my database was created with Access XP.<BR><BR>Has anyone come across this before?<BR><BR>George Elliott

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    Default The problem is in line 973...

    ...where you coded a $ instead of an @ sign.<BR><BR>No? Oh, well. I keep making that guess figuring that *some* day it will be right.<BR><BR>I guess you&#039;ll just have to show code then.<BR><BR>HINT: IF your ASP code is creating records--even blank ones--then the problem can&#039;t be permissions.<BR><BR>

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