How to hide url location from client/user side

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Thread: How to hide url location from client/user side

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    I develop a asp page, when OnClick event of a command button in that page are trigerred then It will do the command of VBScript, that is href.location = ""<BR><BR>my Question is: How to hide that href.location from user/client side? so the user don&#039t know where the url location is. <BR>are there any method, out of href.location and response.redirect, to go other url/page in our site?<BR><BR>thank you,<BR>Johan <BR>

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    fl1rt Guest

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    you could send an ID for that page to a file called redirect.asp that handles where the target URL should be.<BR><BR>eg:-<BR>redirect.asp?PageID=Blobby<BR><BR>in redirect.asp you could have:-<BR><BR>where = request.querystring("pageID")<BR>SELECT CASE where<BR> CASE "blobby"<BR> response.redirect "/yourpath/filename/etc etc"<BR>END SELECT<BR><BR>However, I don&#039t believe its possible to COMPLETELY hide a URL, as they can easily right click, or if you&#039ve disabled that, they can save source. Also, if the page is quite large...the browser status bar will reveal the true page as it downloads grahics etc...<BR><BR>hope my opening sentence, solved your query.

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    Hayden Rogers Guest

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    Get ready to cringe!<BR><BR>I have had some success putting the whole thing in a frameset and letting them go for it...<BR><BR>Set up a frameset with a frame of 0 pixels and a frame of "the rest of the" pixels, i.e:<BR><BR>&#060;frameset rows="0,*"&#062;<BR>&#060;frame name="nothing" src="blankpage.htm"&#062;<BR>&#060;frame name="main" src="arealpage.asp"&#062;<BR>&#060;/frameset&#062;<BR><BR>It&#039s a nasty way of doing things, I know, but it&#039s quick and it works!<BR><BR>I also use the previous method (the redirect page), and recommend it, but it can be hard to pass querystring information through, and that&#039s probably most of what you&#039re trying to hide anyway. In a frameset, only your domain will show! Of course, you have the same problems with people viewing or saving source, and even worse, if they bookmark the page they&#039ll get it without the frameset...<BR><BR>Good Luck<BR>HR

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