I&#039m trying to use FileSystemObject to read folders and files off a network resource. The IIS machine is has a mapped network drive to the share in question, but \servershare is used in the code. A virtual directory has been established for the share. If I map out through the virual directory, I can open the files on the share. If I try to use FileSystemObject from the IIS server, Set fd = fs.GetFolder(\servershare), I get an error: Server object error &#039ASP 0177 : 800a004c&#039. The part that is really confusing me is I get this error if I&#039m sitting at my workstation. If I log on as myself on the IIS machine and use IE to do the same thing, the script works. I have a feeling this is a permissions issue, but I&#039ve checked the permissions and they appear to be right. The IUSER, IWAM, and my NT account all have access to the shares and to the NTFS permissions. If I&#039m logged onto the domain as myself on both machines what is the difference. I&#039m really stuck. Can anybody help?