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    I am trying to create some secure pages on my web and want to include a username and password sign on form. I have created the form (signon.asp) and the (login.asp). The login.asp has the script to validate the user name and password from an access DB. I placed the DB a folder called db and the path is c:inetpubdbusers.mdb. Using Win2000 and ISS. I am very new at this and here is my problem. When I bring up signon.asp, add no user name or password, hit logon, the login.asp page with the code comes up. Is the login.asp script not running? I realize the action POST login.asp command causes this, but how do I test to see if it actually works before I put it one the web? Am I missing something basic? Thanks for any help offered.

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    Default Two things.

    First of all, I wouldn&#039;t put the database into a folder that is accessible through your website. If I wanted to get a copy of your database I&#039;d simply go to and hey presto - I&#039;ve got your database.<BR><BR>Instead, put the database into a folder that&#039;s not part of your website. For example: c:dbusers.mdb<BR><BR>Secondly, without the code it&#039;s very difficult (well, actually it&#039;s impossible) for us to help you. There could be a myriad of problems with it.<BR><BR>Just post here the relevant bits and we&#039;ll do our best to help. Make sure you don&#039;t post pages and pages of code though, because I don&#039;t think anybody would want to go through all that. Just the relevant parts.<BR><BR>I hope this helps,<BR>Oliver.

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