How do I get PWS?

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Thread: How do I get PWS?

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    I&#039ve gone to Microsoft&#039s web site ( to download PWS but everytime I click &#039download&#039 it directs me to download Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack which is supposed to contain PWS for Win95. So I download it and run the install program. It then complains that I need to have Internet Explorer 4 or higher which is weird because I have IE5 on my PC??? The installation program then quits and the next time I try to connect to the internet I realise the PWS setup has done something to my dial up networking files which stops me from using the internet and I have reinstall windows dial up networking. What am I doing wrong? Am I somehow downloading the wrong PWS setup files? Why won&#039t the installation recognise that I have IE5? What should I do?

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    You can get an older version of PWS off the win98 cd (i cant remember what folder its in, but i think its the first folder on the cd). It&#039s also on the frontpage and visual studio cds if you have any of these.

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    Or, you can get the newest copy here:<BR><BR><BR>Microsoft Rocks!!!!!!!!<BR>Long live GATES!!!!!<BR>

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