I am setting up a script that displays a list of titles. If users want to add to the list they can press the add row link and an empty editable row is inserted at the end of the link. This is based on the script in the WROX title ASP.NET Using C#. I am using a template that uses text boxes when in edot mode, labels in read only mode. When a row is in edit mode the row contains links to 'Update' or 'Cancel' Updating rebuilds a session based dataset that includes the new or edited row, 'Cancel' converts the row back to a read only label. This is what I want if the row is an existing row and has data in it. However, if the row is new, and no data has been entered, I want the row to simply be deleted on cancel. Otherwise there is a new blank row that has to be manually deleted. Anyway, I know that ADO has the ability to check for modifications. Can this functionality be applied in this case, so I can simply do some sort of test to see if a row is new or modified? Then I could call either Delete row or Update row based on the modified status???