We have 5 sites written in ASP 3.0 residing on IIS 5.0 web servers. One of the sites has 2 sub domains <BR>ie. <BR>www.site.com/site1 <BR>www.site.com/site2 <BR>all the others are straightforward <BR>ie. <BR>www.site.com <BR><BR>We&#039;re moving these sites over to a new location and new server, the domain names stay the same but the IP Addresses will be different. <BR><BR>These sites have to be available 24/7 so we have to leave both old and new machine swithced on whilst DNS details propagate across the net. This means that during the switch over some users will still be sent to the old machine rather than the new machine. <BR><BR>Firstly, what is the best way to ensure users are redirected to the new machine - should I include some script in global.asa or can I do this all in IIS Management Console. <BR><BR>The issues I&#039;m most concerned about is that all sites use SSL, and one of the (sub domain) sites is a micro site for a portal and therefore expects a form to be posted from the portal with user info, so also, i need to be certain the form is sent with the redirect? <BR><BR>Any help, greatly appreciated. <BR><BR>Kind Regards, <BR><BR>Paul