This is more of a theoretical questions ....<BR><BR>I need to use a DB off another server to display some records on my website.<BR><BR>Also, I must maintain my own database of customer records, orders and etc. <BR><BR>Furthermore, I would like to allow customer to add to favorites some products off the external database ( simply like a refernce point - say they choose product_id that is recorded in the internal database and when they come back they can click on the link and get info off the external database. <BR><BR>IS SUCH THING POSSIBLE AT ALL?<BR>IS IT POSSIBLE WITH ACCESS?<BR>CAN I USE DB OF EXTERNAL SERVER OR I SHOULD MAKE A LOCAL COPY AND UPDATE IT EVERY NOW AND THEN?<BR><BR><BR>I would appreciate any insight on the issue.<BR><BR>Thank you in advance,<BR><BR>Geka<BR><BR> <BR>