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    I am trying to programatically change the ACL (Access Control List) for a <BR>directory to allow a particular domain user (Not all the users) to have access to the directory. <BR>As well I will need to be able to programmatically remove the domain user <BR>from the ACL for that directory. <BR><BR>Avenues I have pursued are: <BR>Looking on the Microsoft site. <BR>A variety of books - ASP.Net books. <BR>A search via Google. <BR><BR><BR>The conclusions that I have reached are: <BR><BR>1. It is probably not a very good idea for ASP.Net to do the change <BR>directly. It is probably better for it to be performed by a service. <BR>However - I don&#039;t know how to set up a service either. <BR><BR>2. The change to ACL can be done on the command line by using a command <BR>called Cacls.exe - but this means finding a way to VB to run a command line. <BR><BR>Can any one have a solution for this. Any help will be greatly appreciated <BR><BR>Thanks <BR><BR>K.Baskar

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    Default You said it...

    You are right, it&#039;s not a great idea to change ACL info from ASP.NET. If you really did want to do that, you could create a COM+ component that runs under the necessary permissions that you would need to shell out to the acl change program you mentioned. Call it from your ASP page.

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