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    Default Good websites built using ASP.NET

    Hullo All,<BR><BR>Can someone point me to a list of the best sites that have been built using ASP.NET? Please note I am not asking for sites that talk about ASP.NET. <BR><BR>--sridhar

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    Default Why bother?

    All you can see is the HTML and client side JavaScript generated. Those sites could be been done in classic ASP as well.<BR><BR>I&#039;d show you a few that I&#039;ve done but a login is required for all of them.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default Yep...

    Egghead&#039;s right....seing as is basically just going to show you the generated html & javascript...what&#039;s the point? You won&#039;t get any code from them that you can use via view source. The only thing you might get is a general idea of layout if the site&#039;s not code protected...and you really want to put everything on your pages manually...and even then...what&#039;s the point? There are different ways of doing everything.

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