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    I just installed PWS 4.0. Problems I&#039m having:<BR><BR>- The server doesn&#039t close connections when I close the browser, so soon enough I run out of connections and am forced to restart my computer. How can I fix this?<BR><BR>- My computer&#039s speed has taken a real blow... is there any way to force PWS to take less resources?<BR><BR>- My computer is crashing a lot... is there some sort of patch or anything?<BR><BR>If anybody has found a way or a page that describes the most optimal way to set up PWS please email me: I&#039m using PWS so that I can learn to develop ASP.<BR><BR>Thank you,<BR><BR>Brendan

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    Close all the objects that can be closed and invaribly ensure that you destroy all the instaces created by using <BR><BR>set obj = nothing <BR><BR>statement.<BR><BR>hope this brings respite. good luck.<BR><BR>Vinay

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