Need of an ASP package and Deployment Wizard

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Thread: Need of an ASP package and Deployment Wizard

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    Default Need of an ASP package and Deployment Wizard

    Hai All,<BR><BR>We have a ASP project where in we need to deliver code almost every day to our clients. On each delivery, we have to send our clients the Setup instructions/manual to install the application every time it is despatched(For changing UDLs, DLLs and other non-ASP related stuff). <BR><BR>Since our clients does not have much of a technical staff to handle this, I am in need of an application which can package and deploy the application on the target system with simple mouse clicks<BR><BR>Do you guys know any tool through which it can be done and lets the client forget about the Setup. I will be waiting for your replies.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Vinay.<BR><BR>

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    Default Do you have

    Visual Studio?<BR><BR>There&#039;s a setup-addin available that creates a windows installer package. <BR><BR>You can even create nice splash screens and all.

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    Default Why go that far

    i have used it and it works pretty well.....there is a built in deployment wizard that will deploy ALL files<BR><BR><BR>BUT not as far as the dlls and db goes<BR><BR><BR>ofcourse you can do anything about the db......and if you are using dlls then you have to go with that Dutch suggested<BR><BR>

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