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    I am currently developing my first e-commerce web site. As my client is trading under 2 different names: one for the wholesale and the other for retail customers he would like to use different domain names for each of them.<BR>When the site is accessed by the wholesaler domain name, a login page should be displayed. After entering their user name and password appropriate company logo and wholesale prices should be displayed. I hope that it is possible to host only one web site and dinamically change header and prices based on the web address visitor is coming from.<BR>I would highly appreciate any suggestions how to accomplish this!<BR>Thanks a lot.<BR>

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    In fact, many of our web-based products use a similar idea.<BR><BR>What I do is use the Session_OnStart in the global.asa file to read the requested server name:<BR>Dim strRequestedServer: strRequestedServer = Trim(LCase(Request.ServerVariables("SERVER_NAME")) )<BR><BR>Then, either have a select case, or do a database query to look up the correct colourscheme to use... In fact, I also look up the correct connection string too.<BR><BR>Craig.

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