Hi to you all asp dev.<BR>I&#039ve succesfully developed ASP on access 97 and Sql 6.5 for many projects ... but now one costumer asked me to implement an application with Access 2000.<BR>So i installed A2000 on my dev pc: it&#039s nice, but now i cant use the previous data-driven-web-apps ... it returns the usual err code talkin about permissions ... &#039 80004005&#039.<BR><BR>I checked permissions, odbc settings, tried dsn and dsn-less conns, repacthed the system, de-installed and re-installed access 97 and 2000, ... nothing to do to make it work.<BR><BR>Someone has a solution ???<BR><BR>thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Federico Bessone<BR><BR>fbessone@inrete.it