Using textstream to store data rather than a DB

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Thread: Using textstream to store data rather than a DB

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    Default Using textstream to store data rather than a DB

    Rather than pay for extra facilities (DB access) with an ISP, can I use the textstream object to act as a small DB. It is to store, amend and delete text sentences, phone numbers, names and address&#039;s etc. If it can be done, are there any templates for this anywhere ??<BR>Cheers<BR>

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    TextStream? The object? The object just lets you read/write text files.<BR><BR>Do you want to use a text file as a database? Sure, there are loads of ways. The easiest (providing you&#039;re being hosted on an NT/2000 platform) is to use the Microsoft Text Driver. This&#039;ll allow you to query a set of text files as if they were databases.<BR><BR>It&#039;s relatively slow (because there are no indexes etc), but it&#039;s reasonable on a small-scale site with low traffic.<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t use the Microsoft Text Driver, you&#039;ll have to write your own interface to the text files. This&#039;ll be hard because you won&#039;t be able to execute SQL queries or anything, but it&#039;s certainly possible. I did something in Perl about 6 years ago that did the same thing...<BR><BR>Have a Google for "Microsoft Text Driver ASP" and see what you get back. Might want to add "tutorial" to those words, dunno.<BR><BR>Craig.

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