hi guys<BR><BR>I&#039;m using a SQL2000 stored procedure to create a record, generate an email and return an ID for the newly created record.<BR>My problem is messages returned by xp_sendmail and xp_startmail that are returned as closed recordsets by the stored procedure.<BR><BR>When the xp_sendmail proc runs, it returns the message "Mail sent". This one can be suppressed by adding the parameter <BR>"@no_output=&#039;TRUE&#039;".<BR><BR>Howeve r if the mail session has not already started, xp_sendmail also runs xp_startmail, which returns a message like "SQL Mail started". So the recordset returned by my stored procedure is a closed one corresponding to this message.<BR><BR>Obviously I could get round this by doing<BR>do while rs.state=adStateClosed<BR>set rs=rs.NextRecordSet()<BR>loop<BR><BR>but i was wondering if there&#039;s a better way, to fix the problem at source (in my stored procedure).<BR>I&#039;ve tried SET ANSI_WARNINGS OFF and things like that with no joy.<BR><BR>Thanks guys!<BR><BR>