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    Default what is <% ?

    I know this is a very basic question, but please can someone tell me the name and purpose of this tag -- &#060;% ? I gather it&#039;s something to do with starting a subroutine -- would that be right? Appreciate any help -- thanks

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    ...you found a tutorial on ASP.<BR><BR>If you don&#039;t know the answer to this one, you can&#039;t possibly write any ASP pages.<BR><BR>Basically, anything between &#060;% and %&#062; is the *PROGRAM CODE* for an ASP page. Typically, the code is programmed in VBScript, a language that is rooted in the Visual Basic family but that is much much simpler than full blown VB and is even simpler than the VBA language used in Access, Excel, and Word.<BR><BR>Any coding in a page *not* enclosed by &#060;%...%&#062; is assumed to be ordinary HTML.<BR><BR>

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