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    Hello<BR>How can i auto populate a dynamic field with multi info from another list menu<BR><BR>example: I want to create a new record with 3 color choices out of a master list/memu of 50 color choices<BR><BR>I know how to auto populate the 1st list menu by adding to the record 1 at a time<BR><BR>I wish to multi-select 3 plus colors form a list and enter those selected colors so it auto populates another list menu of a new record<BR><BR>Thanks Very very much<BR><BR>Robert

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    Default Try rewording that...;s very confusing, as is.<BR><BR>First you talk about a dynamic field as if you mean a form field.<BR><BR>Then you talk about creating a new record.<BR><BR>If it&#039;s a DB record, what are the field names/types of the table that contains it?<BR><BR>And I have no idea what the phrase "auto populates another list menu of a new record" means. Records are in a DB. Menus and/or lists are on a form. Never the twain shall meet, at least not "auto"matically. You have to use some code to make the connection, but I&#039;m not sure that&#039;s what you are talking about here.<BR><BR>

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