Implementing a task step by step<BR>I havea how to insert a task record into the task table while in the project edit screen.<BR><BR>The requirement I am working on calls for the implementation of 5 functionalites.- To add a project, delete a project, view project list, search for a specific project, and to update a project.<BR>All of these functionalities have been implemented except the update a project functionality.<BR>Although the "update a project functionality" is implemented and works fine, our client wants to change it slightly so that when you click the &#039;edit a project&#039; button, and the edit screen opens up for editing, to have all tasks associated with a particular project be displayed also.<BR>For instance, you open up an edit screen to edit projectID 1 and project name called test1, then all tasks associated with that project needs to be displayed on this edit screen so that as you complete each task, you will be saving it along with any changes made to any project info.<BR>I have come up with a javascript that will list all tasks associated with a particular project and each has a checkbox that allows the user to place a checkmark on any task that has been completed.<BR>Implementing this task has been a challenge.<BR>Can someone please help me in implementing this functionality.<BR>I have the viewprojectList and edit a project codes.<BR>Please if anyone is interested in helping and needs these codes, please let me know so I can send them.<BR>I hope I am clear in describing the problem.<BR>I have also included the table structures for project and task tables1 and yes there is a 1:m relationship (one project, many tasks). <BR>The project table structure. <BR>Project_id identity seed, int, <BR>projName varchar(50), <BR>status varchar(50), <BR>priority varchar(50), <BR>startDate datetime, <BR>requestedCompletionDate datetime, <BR>estimatedCompletionDate datetime <BR><BR>Task table structure: <BR>taskID identity seed int, <BR>project_id -- from the project table, <BR>taskname varchar(50), <BR>startDate datetime, <BR>endDate datetime, <BR>dateCompleted datetime, <BR>status varchar(50), <BR>issues varchar(1000). <BR><BR>This is done in sql server. <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>