I want to establish a connection to an Access DB using Asp.Net (Vb.Net).<BR>I tested in Win2K-Server SP3 with Access2000/IIS5.0 and WinXP SP1 with Access2002/IIS5.1 (DB is created under Access2000 or Access2002).<BR>I&#039;m using Vb.Net of Visual Studio.Net with .Net-Framework-SP2.<BR>I inserted several lines into the table.<BR>Then I tried to update the contents of the first record in the table.<BR>The contents of the first record is: " 1 oldname oldfirstname "<BR>But I got the following error:<BR>---<BR> Operation has to use an updatable query.<BR>---<BR>Here is the sample I&#039;m using:<BR>---<BR> Sub do_Update() <BR> Const strMyConnectionString As String = "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=D:InetpubwwwrootmyTestEnvDbMyDb.mdb"<BR> Dim cmdSQLUpdate As New OleDbCommand()<BR> Dim strSQLUpdate As String<BR> &#039;<BR> strSQLUpdate = " UPDATE mytable " _<BR> & " SET lastname = &#039;newname&#039; , " _<BR> & " firstname = &#039;newfirstname&#039; " _<BR> & " WHERE ( ID = 1 ) " &#039; that is a key (autovalue), the others are text fields<BR> &#039;<BR> Dim objUpdateConnectionTest As New OleDbConnection()<BR> objUpdateConnectionTest.ConnectionString = strMyConnectionString <BR> objUpdateConnectionTest.Open()<BR> cmdSQLUpdate.Connection = objUpdateConnectionTest<BR> cmdSQLUpdate.CommandText = strSQLUpdate<BR> cmdSQLUpdate.ExecuteNonQuery() &#039; &#060;==== here the error occurs<BR> objUpdateConnectionTest.Close()<BR> End Sub<BR>---<BR>Does anyone know how to get rid out of this situation?<BR><BR>Thank you for any help.<BR>HStrix