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    I am trying to display the current value from the db before displaying all values in dropdown list. This is quite straight forward and I am lost on why I am suddenly getting the error <BR><BR>Error Type:<BR>(0x80020009)<BR>Exception occurred. <BR><BR>I have read the FAQ&#039;s and it seems to be something to do with memo fields but none of the fields I am using are memos. Here is the code:<BR><BR>1. SQLselect = "Select Tester.* from Tester, Test where Test.Tester = Tester.TesterID and Test.TestID =" & testid<BR>2. SET RSselect = Conn.Execute(SQLselect)<BR>3. <BR>4. SQLtester = "Select * From Tester where Current = yes"<BR>5. set RStester = Conn.Execute(SQLtester)<BR>6. <BR>7. response.write("&#060;option value=&#039;" & RSselect("TesterID") & "&#039;&#062;" & RSselect("FirstName") & " " & RSselect("LastName") & "&#060;/option&#062;") <BR>8. <BR>9. Do While Not RStester.eof<BR>10. response.write("&#060;option value=&#039;" & RStester("TesterID") & "&#039;&#062;" & RSTester("FirstName") & " " & RStester("LastName") & "&#060;/option&#062;") <BR>11. RStester.Movenext<BR>12. Loop<BR><BR>It is line 7 which is causing the problem. Any help would be great. Thanks

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    You must always check wheter the query returns any data. add this check before line 7

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