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    I have an application named ALOHA by NASA and the EPA that creates chemical dispertion patterns (or plumes) for Nuclear, Chemical, and Biologic releases and then overlay the pattern on a map to determine at-risk areas.<BR><BR>The application is a desktop application, as opposed to a component, so there doesn&#039;t appear to be any means of directly using with ASP and I&#039;ve looked far and wide to find for anything that is COM based with no luck. I need to be able to provide some form of interface between some of my web pages and this application.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve heard of something called screen scraping where you some how feed information to an application as if someone was manually interacting with it hitting the keys and clicking the mouse. <BR><BR>Question One: Is this actually possible or a myth?<BR>Question Two: If it is possible and you have done something like this, can you explain how?<BR><BR>Theoretically my company could write our own component for this since the formulas are well known and fairly standardized, **but** we are not physists and don&#039;t want the liability for the actually plume calculation (we would like to be able to blame any mistakes on the government&#039;s program instead)

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    Default ASP?

    There really isn&#039;t a good alternative for trying to pump data collected from a webpage into an executable running on the server. Not to mention running executables in the same process space as IIS is not a real good idea.<BR><BR>I&#039;m pretty familiar with screen scraping technologies and can&#039;t recall one suitable for your situation.

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