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    Default eliminating duplicate email addresses

    I have an asp page where a user can sort based on ContactType. The user can sort via multiple ContactTypes. When the user clicks on Display List. A list of all matched entries appears along with a button that the user can click on to send an email to all individuals on the list. When the user clicks on the "Email" button. Outlook automatically opens and all of the email addresses get populated into the "To" section of the email.<BR><BR>How do I eliminate the duplicate email addresses that get sent to Outlook?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Tracy

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    Default Where does the list of

    emails come from? My guess is look at how you are producing the list and eliminate your duplicates there. ; )<BR><BR>It sounds like your "email button" is simply a link with a "mailto:" tag in it that opens the user&#039;s default mail client which just "happens" to be Outlook.

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