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    Hello there, i just encountered a weird problem while trying to test the following condition:<BR><BR>if (rsListCode(0) = ValeurActive) then<BR><BR>this is verified in a loop for each record in the recordset rsListCode, but always returned false even though i had a matching value, so i tried to output the values to see what was happening:<BR><BR>"rs:" & &#060;%=valeuractive=2%&#062; & &#060;%=rsListCode(0)=2%&#062; & &#060;%=rsListCode(0)=valeuractive%&#062;<BR><BR>t he result of the above link for the value which was supposed to be correct was:<BR><BR>"rs:" & True & True & False<BR><BR>so my question can A=2, B=2, and A!=B ?

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    Default Simple

    if (clng(rsListCode(0)) = clng(ValeurActive)) then<BR><BR><BR>ofcourse if it is a string then you have to use cstr<BR><BR>

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