I have a form page that has been dynamically created that looks like this:<BR><BR>&#060;!-- INCLUDE ALL RELATED NAVIGATION LINKS BASED ON CONTENTID OR URLID --&#062;<BR> &#060;% DO WHILE NOT rsNavigation.EOF<BR> IF rsNavigation("ContentID") &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "&#060;input type=&#039;checkbox&#039;"<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "value=&#039;" & rsNavigation("ContentID") & "&#039; "<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "name=&#039;ContentID&#039;&#062;"<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE rsNavigation("NavName") & "<BR>"<BR> ELSE<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "&#060;input type=&#039;checkbox&#039;"<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "value=&#039;" & rsNavigation("URLID") & "&#039; "<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE "name=&#039;URLID&#039;&#062;"<BR> RESPONSE.WRITE rsNavigation("NavName") & "<BR>"<BR> END IF <BR> rsNavigation.MOVENEXT <BR> LOOP %&#062;<BR><BR>The next step is to insert any boxed that was checked into a table that looks like this:<BR>QUICKVIEWID &#124 ContentID &#124 URLID<BR> <BR>The problem that I have been fased with is inserting each passed checked box into the appropriate comlumn. My first thought would be to just loop through each passed form variable individually and insert one at a time. Something like this:<BR><BR>Dim ContentID : ContentID = REQUEST("ContentID")<BR>Dim URLID : URLID = REQUEST("URLID")<BR>&#039; CREATE COOKIE FOR STORING USER INFORMATION <BR>&#039; AND FOR INSERTING VALUE INTO DB<BR>RESPONSE.COOKIES("QLPersonalCookie") = SESSION.SESSIONID<BR><BR>&#039; FIRST CHECK TO SEE IF THERE WERE ANY RECORDS PAST FOR CONTENTID<BR>IF ContentID &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR>&#039; EXECUTE FIRST QUERY INSERTING ALL CONTENTID QUICK VIEWS ACCORDING TO TOTAL RECORDS PAST<BR>For i = 0 To UBound(ContentID)<BR>SQL1 = "INSERT INTO dbo.WEBPersonalQuickView (QVPSessionID, ContentID) VALUES (" & Request.Cookies("QLPersonalCookie") & "," & ContentID & ")"<BR>conn.Execute SQL1<BR>Next <BR>END IF<BR><BR>&#039; FIRST CHECK TO SEE IF THERE WERE ANY RECORDS PAST FOR URLID<BR>IF URLID &#060;&#062; "" THEN<BR>&#039; EXECUTE FIRST QUERY INSERTING ALL URLID QUICK VIEWS ACCORDING TO TOTAL RECORDS PAST<BR>For i = 0 To UBound(URLID)<BR>SQL1 = "INSERT INTO dbo.WEBPersonalQuickView (QVPSessionID, URLID) VALUES (" & Request.Cookies("QLPersonalCookie") & "," & URLID & ")"<BR>conn.Execute SQL1<BR>Next <BR>END IF<BR><BR>The problem with doing it this way is that I now have null values for either CONTENID or URLID. This would work because I need to store these values in the correct column of my table so that I can use there values to pull from to other tables. My concern is that Im wasting a lot of table space for inserting records. The above query would give me something like this:<BR><BR>QUICKVIEWID &#124 ContentID &#124 URLID<BR>1234567 1 NULL<BR>1234567 2 NULL<BR>1234567 3 NULL<BR>1234567 NULL 8<BR>1234567 NULL 15<BR><BR>When really I want :<BR>QUICKVIEWID &#124 ContentID &#124 URLID<BR>1234567 1 8<BR>1234567 2 15<BR>1234567 3 NULL<BR><BR>The QUICKVIEWID is simply grabbing the users SessionID and creating a unique key so that every time they go to this page, as long as there cookie for there last session id is on there machine, a query will go and get all related records.<BR><BR>I hope I have been clear as to what I need to accomplish and I would be willing to do try this another way if there were any other way to do it. Anyone that could help me would be much appreciated. Thank you!<BR>