Hi<BR><BR>Can anyone tell me whats wrong with this one..it is inserting few junk values in the database..<BR><BR>I have a Textarea "cclist" in the home page and when all the emailids are selected I will be clicking<BR>submit button...<BR><BR>xt_inp.asp<BR>----------<BR><BR>cc=trim(Upload.form("cclist"))<BR>StrLengh t = (len(cc) - 1) <BR>cc = left(cc, StrLenght) <BR>Field = split(cc,",") <BR><BR>for i = 0 to ubound(Field) <BR>sqlcc1="insert into CC_MASTER values("&maxid&",&#039;"&Field(i)&"&#039;)"<BR>Obj DBConn.execute(sqlcc1)<BR><BR>next <BR><BR><BR>Can anyone help me out in telling me whats wrong in this one..it is inserting the values correctly<BR>but few junk values are also inserted like blank values...<BR><BR>