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    I have a subroutine that is supposed to display a javascript alert and then send the user to a different location (via response.redirect). The alert works fine when the response.redirect is off, but it doesn&#039;t show when it is on. I&#039;m guessing that the app is moving too fast and just blows by the alert. In VB there is a command DoEvents that causes the program to pause and catch up. Anything like that in ASP? Are there any other ways of getting the alert to display?<BR><BR>Code below (Note - ChatDisplayMessage is a function that calls the alert):<BR><BR>If bHaveProfile = False Then<BR> sErrorMessage = "You Have No Profile Created Yet. "<BR> Call ChatDisplayMessage(sErrorMessage)<BR> sNotMembersURL = "Members.asp"<BR> Response.Redirect sNotMembersURL<BR>End If<BR><BR><BR>Thanks all

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    Default Basics of HTTP and ASP and...

    An alert *must* happen in the client.<BR><BR>A Response.Redirect is a *server side* operation.<BR><BR>Never the twain shall meet.<BR><BR>Learn the basics. Start with the ASPFAQs (there&#039;s a link to them at the top right corner of this very page), especially the category named "The Nature of Things."<BR><BR>You very very badly misunderstand what is happening.<BR><BR>

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