In my site I have textboxes on which I run validation code when i tab through them after entering values......<BR><BR>The following is how my textboxes are coded:<BR><BR>&#060;TD&#062;&#060;INPUT TYPE="text" NAME=BeforeDate SIZE=10 onchange="DateCheck(this)" onkeydown="FormatDate(this, window.event.keyCode,&#039;down&#039;)" onkeyup="FormatDate(this, window.event.keyCode,&#039;up&#039;)"&#062;&#060;/TD&#062;<BR><BR>My problem occurs when explorer allow users to enter previously entered values in the textbox by selecting from a dropdown which automatically appears<BR><BR>eg. If i enter in 29, a dropdown will appear allowing me to chose 29/02/2003 (as i have previously entered this value in the page) I can chose this by pressing the down key to highlight the date and then pressing return key to select the date<BR><BR>Because I use the return key(instead of tabbing thru) to chose the date is chosen i am skipping the validation code and it is not applied <BR><BR>How can i get around this<BR><BR><BR>(Hope i explained it OK):)