Hi all,<BR><BR> I have a few newbie doubts to be asked :<BR><BR> 1) i obtain a recordset and display it like a report using table tags of html with little bit of formatting and moving thru the recordset.I get the table displayed on the page.<BR>Now is it possible for me to save that table with field names as an excel sheet????<BR>I guess its possbile and if yes how do we do it? I am a newbie so pliss comment the code u send me well so that it sucks into my mind easy.<BR><BR> 2) Is it possible that from my web page(asp) i click on something say a button and it actually invokes an exe for me.I know that the exe is lying at the server so how it can be executed at the client and moreover server only dispathces plain text to the client after processing.Still just wanted to know whether its possible and if yes then how?<BR><BR> 3)Just to add to the doubt above what are these server side components?I guess they are only to be registerd at the server and not at each client like activeX components?am I right here?So is there anyway to register an already available activex component at the server side so that it has not to be registerd on each client machine and so works fine on the internet.<BR><BR>Regds,<BR>SN<BR>