I am attempting to create linkbuttons dynamically using the following code:<BR><BR>Dim arCategory As New ArrayList()<BR><BR>&#039; Create new category objects and load into arraylist<BR>While drCategory.Read<BR>arCategory.Add(New Category(drCategory.Item("Description"), drCategory.Item("CategoryKey")))<BR>End While<BR><BR>&#039; Create new LinkButtons and load them into an arraylist and set the text attributes<BR>Dim i As Integer = 0<BR>Dim arLnkBtn As New ArrayList()<BR>While (arCategory.Count &#062; i)<BR>arLnkBtn.Add(New LinkButton())<BR>arLnkBtn(i).Text = arCategory(i).Title & " " & arCategory(i).Key & "&#060;br /&#062;"<BR>i = i + 1<BR>End While<BR><BR>DataList1.DataSource = arLnkBtn<BR><BR>drCategory.Close()<BR>SqlConnectio n1.Close()<BR>Page.DataBind()<BR><BR>I have tried to bind the arraylist of LinkButtons to DataLists, Repeaters, Listboxes, and datagrids with no success. The LinkButtons exist in arLnkBtn and the text attributes are created successfully, but they do not display properly in the controls.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>kelly_d<BR><BR>