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    I have two instances of IE open with two different logins(login details are in database), on a machine. The two different users A and B accessing the same site have different privileges and hence have different content on their browsers.But when I copy the URL of one of the pages from A's browser and paste it into B's, I'm able to access A's pages(to which B has no permissions). I'm using a session variable to maintain the logged in user's name through out the application. So this means now both A and B have the same username in the session variable?. How do I avoid this?

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    There must be something in the querystring that makes it display what it does, you must use the session variable to decide what to display on the page not the url.<BR><BR>Should Be:<BR><BR>If Session("IsPermissioned")="Yes" then<BR>... etc..<BR>display page<BR>Else<BR>access denied<BR>

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