I&#039;m trying to create a dynamic calendar. The start of the calendar would be "this month", whatever that happens to be. It would stretch for 12 months and include the days. What I&#039;m trying to do is create a gantt chart using data in a project management application I&#039;m building.<BR><BR>So, if the project went from Jan 7 to Mar 3, it would show the first row with the month names, then in the second row it would show the days of the month, then in the following row it would show the first project name in the left column and it would have a bar stretching from the cell corresponding to Jan 7 to the cell corresponding to Mar 3.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve searched the forums here but I haven&#039;t found a sample of how to create the calendar yet. If anyone has a good example, I&#039;d appreciate it. I&#039;m still not sure how I&#039;ll do the charting aspect of it, but I&#039;ll tackle that after I get the calendar down.<BR><BR>Thanks for your help!<BR><BR>eddie<BR>