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    Hi,<BR>I have an artwork form where users can submit their artwork. This form contains many fields including various colors and sizes. And the users who use this form will most likely submit artwork very often on a daily basis. It&#039;s painful to ask them to have to key in each field everytime. So I want to store their last inputs in a cookie. Is this even the right way to do it or is there some better ways? I&#039;ve never used a cookie before, which site would you recommend? I found this one, Is this good enough to get me started? Thanks.

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    Sounds good to me<BR>Cookies are easy! (trust me) you can have multiple cookies such as<BR> Response.Cookies("online")("FryGroup") = "Special"<BR> Response.Cookies("online")("S_ID") = Ssid<BR> Response.Cookies("online")("Fname") = trim(Sname)<BR> Response.cookies("online").Domain = ""<BR>then access them by <BR>request.Cookies("online")("...") where online and ... are your names<BR>

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