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    Hi<BR><BR>We have two websites:<BR>1. On Internet<BR>2. On INTRANET<BR>Anyone with any internet account can access to the first site, but to enter to the 2nd, u need to have a special internet account (say, a certain supplier).<BR><BR>The general menu is on the Internet website, but one of the items in the sub-menu, links to a page On the INTRANET. If u r not authorized (=did not use the certain internet account), then u get the page "The page can not be displayed".<BR><BR>I&#039;d like to replace this page with a "help" page that I will create (Btw - Better that the help page will be located on the general website).<BR>How do I redirect the "page can not be displayed" to the help page, and of course, redirect it ONLY when the "page can not be displayed" page is there b/c of linking from this sub-menu, or b/c of trying to reach directly to the Intranet certain URL that this sub menu links to.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Avivit

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    why not put an asp page there that checks the users credentials and either shows the help page or redirects to the intranet page?<BR><BR><BR>cp

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