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    Hi Guys!!<BR><BR>I have am MSSQL DB..And 4 tables...Here it goes<BR><BR>Emp_master(EMP_id,EMP_name,DEPT_ID,SKI LL_ID,YOJ)<BR>DEPT_MASTER(DEPT_ID,DEPT_NAME)<BR>SK ILLS_MASTER(SKILL_ID,SKILL_NAME)<BR>SKILL_EMP(SKIL L_ID,EMP_ID,EXP)<BR><BR>While Keying in the emp profile in my ASP Page..I am doing like this..User will select the skill and give the no. of years and when he clicks on add I am storing the same in dictionary object and allowing him to add more skills and exp and finally he can submit the details into the database..<BR><BR>What I need is, Can I store all these details in a temporary table and insert the same finally??If yes, as the EmpID will be generated only after the user finally submits data, how can we keep track of the skill details??what happens if someother users tries to do the same simultaneously??<BR><BR>Pls suggest some solution...<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>When the user select the skill name select box he can key in the

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    Default Depends on your Design

    You can .....<BR><BR>When a user adds a Skill set for an employee, Add and store it in a combo box (as showed in many sites where you fill in your skill set in resume)... and you can provide them the option of Add or Delete or Edit the information. <BR><BR>Like this you can get all the data and then commit them to the database in one stroke. It is not at all difficult.

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    Why not have the user create a user profile and the use.<BR><BR>Set myRS = dbconn.Execute( "SELECT @@IDENTITY" ) <BR>icscuserid = myRS(0)<BR>myRS.Close<BR>SET myRS = Nothing<BR><BR>Which will give the id of that user in the DB. Then you can use that to enter the users profile info with simple buttons like "save and add another" or "save and move to next section"

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