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    Hi Friends!! <BR><BR>I am using dictionary object to store information...I have an ASP page where users will add items.. <BR><BR>I have few textboxes and next to that "Add to List" button..When a user clicks on add to list for the first time I am storing details as shown below: I am able to add items to the basket now I want the sum of the each fields once the things are added..I am displaying that in the first page<BR><BR>Set basket=server.createobject("scripting.dictionary") <BR>basket.Add "office",trim(Upload.Form("country")))&"," <BR>basket.Add "fy1bshc",trim(Upload.Form("fy1bshc")))&"," <BR>basket.Add "fy1bsfund",trim(Upload.Form("fy1bsfund")))&", " <BR>basket.Add "fy1pshc",trim(Upload.Form("fy1pshc")))&"," <BR>Set Session("HCBasket")= basket <BR>session("HCFlag") = true <BR>response.redirect "firstpage.asp?cart=More" <BR><BR>and when he fills the details and clicks on more then I am storing like this.. <BR><BR>Ooffice = Upbasket.item("office")&trim(Upload.Form("country" )))&"," <BR>Ofy1bshc = Upbasket.item("fy1bshc")&trim(Upload.Form("fy1bshc ")))&"," <BR>Ofy1bsfund = Upbasket.item("fy1bshc")&trim(Upload.Form("fy1bsfu nd")))&"," <BR>Ofy1pshc= Upbasket.item("fy1pshc")&trim(Upload.Form("fy1pshc ")))&"," <BR>Set Session("HCBasket")= basket <BR>session("HCFlag") = true <BR>response.redirect "firstpage.asp?cart=More" <BR><BR>And I am displaying these values in the firstpage.asp...Now what I want is, I need to add the values and display the total value alone in the firstpage.asp... <BR><BR>All the values are of datatype float...for example if the user enters the value fy1bshc=10 for the first time I should show him 10 and the second time if he enters 20 I should show him 30.. <BR><BR>Pls help in doing this.. <BR><BR>

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    not directly replying to your question, but you shouldn&#039;t use the dictionary object in a session variable, this is going to give you problems! <BR>If you search some of the sites mentioned on the left of this site you&#039;ll find a lot of examples on how to implement a shopping basket.

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