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    I currently capture an error 404/405 and point to an .htm file but I really need to point to an .asp file instead.<BR><BR>a simple javascript redirect works around this problem to a degree but I&#039d like to execute asp from the first initialisation. The problem is, that pointing the error 404 to an .asp file(for some reason) doesn&#039t allow ASP to execute, therefore I&#039ve had to opt to point to a .htm first and javscript redirect...mad!<BR><BR>I&#039m bewildered why the .asp file won&#039t execute if the error 404 is pointed directly at it.<BR><BR>:(

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    Try changing the custom error type from "FILE" to "URL". I haven&#039t tried this myself. I just happened to read it at<BR><BR>

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    yes indeed, that looks to be the likely culprit.<BR><BR>you&#039re a star! : )<BR><BR>Unfortunately, I don&#039t have direct access to my NT server, but I shall call my support team to modify those settings.<BR><BR>cheers

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