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Thread: passing information from asp page to another asp

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    Default passing information from asp page to another asp

    i am trying to pass information (fields) from one asp page to another asp page using forms. on the second page i am using: Request.Form. and it doesn&#039;t work. can please someone tell me the reasons it night not work????<BR><BR>thanks, moshiko

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    Default There are many...

    possibilities. Please post some of your code. That will help us to find the exact reason it&#039;s not working.

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    Default There are three reasons you

    might not get anything from Request.Form (OK, 4 ... and a half)<BR><BR>1. There are no elements on your page that would be passed forward. (Unlikely, I&#039;ll admit)<BR><BR>2. The elements have no entries. ie the boxes are empty, the checks are unchecked ..... (also unlikely)<BR><BR>3. You haven&#039;t enclosed the elements in a FORM which tells the page (among other things) HOW to post the data. (quite Likely)<BR><BR>3a. You didn&#039;t CLOSE the form "&#060;/form&#062;" (most likely. I do this all the time and it drives me crazy)<BR><BR>4. You used Response.Redirect "xxx.asp?" & some string, which would put the variables ni the QueryString request object.<BR><BR>There are probably some others, but I suspect it&#039;s 3 or 3a.<BR><BR>HTH

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