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    HI all,<BR>i have a data base in oracle at a remote server(connected on a lan to my web server).All i want to do is fetch a table(completely or a subset of it) and first convert it into an access database on my machine so that the clients to my web server can acces it directly from my webserver and the request doesnt have to go to the oracle server all the time.<BR>how do i convert oracle in to an access database thru my web page it self.<BR>pliss suggest<BR>Regds<BR>mechigger.

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    Default Use ODBC

    with an ODBC connection, you can link the table to Access and then run a maketable query, creating the Table you need. You could then save the query and run it at odd times (2:15AM????) to syncronize (in a screwy fashion) the two tables.<BR><BR>Note that this is NOT the way I would treat it if the information were time dependant, but then, apparently, it isn&#039;t

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