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    When the page loads, it has up to 16 checkboxes. Each checkbox is within its own form...<BR>form1 checkbox1<BR>form2 checkbox2<BR>etc..<BR><BR>When a user clicks on one of the boxes, it runs a javascript function and submits the form.<BR>When the page reloads, I need to run another javascript function and make the selected checkbox "checked".<BR>Is there a way to tell which form/checkbox was clicked when it reloads (from the function)?<BR>Thanks

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    Not unless you pass it through.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    Default If your using client side scripting, you don'

    really need multiple forms. The Jscript can direct the script to the correct page ... which is only reason I can think of to have multiple forms. I had to do that because the client demanded not client side scripting.<BR><BR>

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