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    &nbsp;<BR>Cambro have released version 4 of DbCombo.Net for ASP.NET. DbCombo is a custom DropDownList control that retrieves data in real-time from a database. With each keystroke typed in the box, DbCombo finds matching records in the database and displays them in the dropdown. There is no need for a postback with server round-trip. This unique architecture can dramatically improve web form response times in many scenarios. <BR><BR>The best way to see how DbCombo works is to visit the site – – and check out our demos. <BR><BR>DbCombo is written in managed C#, and includes Visual Studio design-time support, IntelliSense support, help files, examples in Access, SQL, C# and Vb, and 9 separate demos with code on the site. We also offer free telephone and email tech support to users. <BR><BR>DbCombo is a highly-evolved product in its fourth revision. It has a wealth of functional and customisation features – many the result of user suggestions. We&#039;d very much like to hear what you&#039;d like to see in DbCombo in future!

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    As a regular visitor, I find these postings inappropriate and somewhat offensive.<BR><BR>You can send feed back to the parent company here :<BR>Or with your email here:<BR><BR><BR>support@dbcombo. net<BR><BR><BR ><BR>

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