How to send databases data to a FORM

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Thread: How to send databases data to a FORM

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    Hi,<BR><BR>I&#039m using a html combobox to list the record of my database. Here is my problem:<BR>When the user select a record in the combobox, I want to send the fields of this record to some textbox in the currect Form.<BR><BR>Using the OnChange() property for the combobox is probably necessary for this...but all this things give me a lot of difficulties. Please Help me! :)<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    I just learnt how to do this too, so hopefully this will be helpful (note I&#039m not an expert!)<BR><BR>First thing I did was to get my head around this example: <BR>(which doesn&#039t use a database, but is very clear for related lists)<BR><BR>Then, has a whole lot of database enabled examples which I was then able to adapt.<BR><BR>Also, note that I&#039m using ms access and in the end, I went back to a hard coded array - just like in the 1st example, because its much faster (my lists aren&#039t that big I guess so I could) - I don&#039t think it would matter if you were using sqlserver 7.<BR><BR>Learn asp has a whole lot of stuff on using getrows that is good for speeding things up too - I&#039d look at that if you are building lists.

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