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    Hello everyone<BR>I hope that you do not laugh at me for what you may consider a very simple question. But for the life of me, I cannot remember this. And of course, when I need it, I cannot locate my HTML book.<BR><BR>What values do CheckBoxes return?? checked?? yes?? 1??<BR><BR>I want to present the value of a checkbox in a Response.Write Statement.<BR>&#060;%<BR> IF Session("SameAddressCheck") = "checked" THEN<BR> Response.Write("Yes")<BR> ELSE<BR> Response.Write("No")<BR> END IF<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Thanks so much for all your help, and you can stop laughing at me anytime now. LOL<BR><BR>Andrew :-)<BR>

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    Though it&#039;s kind of buried in the FAQ:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Read the second paragraph.<BR><BR>

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