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Thread: webbrowser / internetexplorer activex control fail

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    Ugh. I am using the Webbrowser / InternetExplorer activex control in my asp / vbscript page (see code below). I cannot make the control bring up a new window to navigate in. Can anybody help me do this? <BR><BR>It seems to navigate, but it is doing it in a hidden window or some sort of invisible window. To be honest, I don&#039;t know *** it is doing. However, I can tell that it is doing some navigation because I can refer to the page it brings up using the DOM. I set the controls &#039;visible&#039; property to &#039;true&#039;, but it is no use.<BR><BR>I need to see the result in a new window! I have tried this code on several systems now and it actually works (brings up a new window and navigates) on one system (windows 2000), but on other systems, including another windows 2000, win XP, and win NT system there is no new window! Arrggh!<BR><BR>Here is the code. Just 3 lines--Simple huh! Should be, but it isn&#039;t.<BR><BR>Set oBrowser = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application")<BR>oB rowser.Visible = true<BR>oBrowser.Navigate("about:blank")

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    Why are you using an ActiveX control when javascript does this easily?<BR><BR>or are you trying to do this server side? (if so, think about it - where&#039;s the window suppposed to appear?)<BR><BR>j<BR>http://rtfm.atrax.co.uk/

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