I have a .NET app that works fine on my development server, some troubleshooting and pain got it working fine on our company&#039;s server, but now I am trying to get it onto the client&#039;s server and am able to get an aspx page to come up, but when i post the form to access a web service, I get the following: <BR><BR>"System.Net.WebException: The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with remote server." <BR><BR>Everything I found was referencing certificates and accessing an SSL web service, which is what i am accessing. The server admin says the certificate to access it is setup. <BR><BR>I had him do the following, which should make the app work: <BR><BR>Install .Net Framework <BR>Install .Net SDK <BR>Install .Net SDK Service Pack <BR>Install SOAP Toolkit (and any concurrent service packs) <BR>Install MSXML parser 4.0 <BR>Install .Net Web matrix <BR>In IIS, under application folder, site root and webroot - click "Create" to make the app workable under .Net <BR>ASPNET user has permissions to application folder, site root and webroot <BR>Reboot after eveyrhting is installed <BR><BR>The error is occurring where the first web service function is being called, so that would infer that the proxy is being recognized. <BR><BR>The only difference is the client&#039;s server has the app to access the service in a virtual directory whereas on our server and my development server it is just a subdirectory. <BR><BR>Any suggestions are appreciated. <BR>- b