Ok this one is a little tricky. <BR><BR>Once again I have usercontrols that are nested. <BR><BR>For example I have a registration usercontrol that is basically just a form that takes in info about a user. On that form (ie in that usercontrol), I use two other usercontrols for states and countries. If a user is logged into the site, when they go to a certain other page, they will see their info static, with a link to update, if they aren&#039;t logged in, they have the registration page visible. when they click on the link to update their info, that page too, had the registration usercontrol, but with their current info filled in... the problem i&#039;m having is setting the value of the state and country usercontrols (which are drop down lists). Its kinda layered, so here is how i&#039;m TRYING to do it: <BR><BR>register.ascx.vb: <BR><BR><BR>Public StateList1 as Object &#039;this is the state UC<BR><BR>Public Property StateValue() As String<BR><BR> Get<BR><BR> StateValue = StateList1.SelectedValue<BR><BR> End Get<BR><BR> Set(ByVal Value As String)<BR><BR> StateList1.SetSelectedValue = Value<BR><BR> End Set<BR><BR>End Property<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>states.ascx.vb (the ReadOnly Property works): <BR><BR><BR> Public ReadOnly Property SelectedValue() As String<BR><BR> Get<BR><BR> SelectedValue = ddStates.SelectedItem.Value<BR><BR> End Get<BR><BR> End Property<BR><BR><BR><BR> Public WriteOnly Property SetSelectedValue() As String<BR><BR> Set(ByVal Value As String)<BR><BR> ddStates.Items.FindByValue("").Selected = False<BR><BR> ddStates.Items.FindByText(Value).Selected = True<BR><BR> End Set<BR><BR> End Property<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>updateInfo.aspx.vb (the page that users update their info at, and that is using the register UC): <BR><BR><BR>Public RegisterCtl as Object<BR><BR><BR><BR>RegisterCtl.StateValue = dataReader("state")<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>so i think what should be happening, is that updateInfo calls RegisterCtl.StateValue(), sending the state retrieved from the db, then StateValue() calls StateList1.SetSelectedValue() sending the value again, and SetSelectedValue() updated the ddlist... <BR><BR>am i missing anything? (sorry this post is so long ) <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Marc <BR>