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    Hi,<BR><BR>I have drawn a barchart( its a web application). Now, I <BR>want to click on each bar and get few details about it. <BR>How can I make each bar in the barchart clickable and also <BR>know the x and y axis of the point where i place the mouse?<BR><BR>any idea?<BR><BR>thanks<BR>Philip

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    Default I did something like this last year

    I just made the bars on the charts images, with the width (or height, depending on your chart), being dynamic. That said, to show detail, each image was wrapped in an anchor tag that contained a url, with a dynamically generated querystring.<BR><BR>not sure why you&#039;d want the x and y may be over-thinking it.<BR><BR>

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    I have done this. I created the image via GDI+; as the image was being created, I also created an imageMap file using the same coordinates. Check out this post:<BR><BR><BR>And look at the drawLinkContainers() operation.

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