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    Couple of question - I have DUPortal script.<BR><BR>Do you cut/paste the asp into an html code? Do you just u/l all the files/folders to a server and they magically work? How do you integrate the asp files with html?<BR><BR>Example: I have a top & bottom frame html page and I want the portal directory to appear in the bottom frame. Do I tell the bottom frame to load the default.asp page or cut/paste the asp code from default.asp into the bottom frame html code?<BR><BR>Where do I upload the portal code files, i.e., cgi folder?<BR><BR>Sorry to be so clueless but I have tried NUMEROUS combinations and nothing is working.<BR><BR>

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    Get the book &#039;Sams Teach Yourself ASP 3.0 in 21 Days&#039;...<BR>

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