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    Howdy, all.<BR><BR>I have a bit of C code that I want to encapsulate into a COM object and expose certain methods to my ASP page to be executed on the server only (user passes some data and my control will execute methods and querry properties to return data to my ASP page which I&#039;ll response.write back to the user). I&#039;ve investigated a few options, but have not yet discovered the mystical way to accomplish this in Visual C++ 6.0.<BR><BR>The MFC ActiveX wizard creates an OCX that I can use in VB 6 but not in ASP (I get a lovely "Catastrophic failure" error). I read that MFC ActiveX controls cannot be used in ASP due to the fact that they must be placed on a client-side form (I even made a control that was window-less and invisible, but it still failed). Running anything on the client for this control is not an option.<BR><BR>So, can anyone tell me what I need to do to get my C code encapsulated to the point where I can hit it from ASP? This control will need to run on W2k Pro/Server in IIS 5 (we aren&#039;t using .NET for this project). I&#039;m open to anything - having VC make an ASP useable control, placing my C code into VB somehow and making an ActiveX OCX that way... anything that works and isn&#039;t too clugey. Thanks!<BR><BR>--Mark

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    Default Use ATL

    wizards...<BR><BR>Go to NEW PROJECT, and then pick the ATL... either dll or ocx.

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